Coffee With Oneil Gardner

I met Oneil a little while ago shooting for DCity Style & Design Army. It was the pink issue, no. 12 I believe – you can find him at the bottom right on the spread below. From that point we followed each other on Instagram but that was about it. Fast forward to 2018, we reconnected again on social when I noticed he tends to shoot often in Baltimore! Turns out, he actually lives pretty close to the city so we met up to catch up and shoot a few outfits for his brand collaborations. Check out a few of my favorites below!

Follow Oneil on instagram @thecreativegentleman.

Oneil Gardner_58.jpg
Oneil Gardner_200.jpg

Ghost Note – Company Images

I have been working with this great group of doers for over some time now. I have been lucky to witness and work with Ghost Note as they grow from a few employees to many team members. Mot recently, they asked me to update their company images with a few group images as well as staff cinemagraphs. Check out a few of my favorites below!

Give them a follow on Instagram @GhostNoteAgency!

Ghost Note Agency_Headshots__41.jpg
Ghost Note Agency_Headshots__78-Edit.jpg
Ghost Note Agency_Headshots__132.jpg
Ghost Note Agency_Headshots__199.jpg