225 N Calvert St

These set of images were captured for Monument Realty early in October at one of their latest projects in Baltimore – 225 N Calvert St. Most of us have definitely noticed the new colorful apartment building as it stands out in the middle of the boring brick and concrete structures in Downtown Baltimore. I found it interesting to learn that the bottom concrete floors of this building housed a bank’s office and branch. Monument realized an opportunity to extended upwards, due to it’s sturdy bottom structure, and built a few more floors using a steel structure. As a former Downtown Baltimore resident, I wish I would have had the opportunity to live in this building. The amazing full gym, rooftop swimming pool and multi-floor garage are some of the awesome amenities it has to offer.

Check out a few of my favorite images from the day below.

225 N Calvert_Drone__383-HDR.jpg
225 N Calvert_Drone__407-HDR.jpg
225 N Calvert_Drone__442-HDR.jpg

Sagamore Spirit Port Finish

I met with Tara, from Sagamore Spirit, at Boordy Vineyard to shoot a few images for their latest collaboration Port Finish Whiskey at Boordy! For this campaign, Sagamore Spirit wanted product images to promote on social media and other marketing platforms. Scroll down to see a few of my favorites, as well as, a couple of campaign examples. 

Baltimore Sun.jpg

Sagamore Port Finish Campaign.jpg